Topics: Drug addiction, Escape the Fate, Craig Mabbitt Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Who I Admire
The person whom I admire the most is Ronnie Radke. Pioneer in the music industry, a Hercules in the world of philosophy, and pristine with his manor. As the rhythm keeps changing so do the scales that follow the next note, the tempo in which Ronnie tunes too has been consistent since the day he vocalized his art into our ears. Ronnie is the lead singer in a band known as “Falling In Reverse”, which developed over a period of time after trial and error from his prior band known as “Escape The Fate”. The contrast that follows Ronnie towards his vast success is how he got to the top. His music really conveys a slice of his mind into the listener’s; by using western and Eastern philosophy accompanied by very habitable melodies. Ronnie has gone through a series of disillusions that have given him the eccentric feel when he performs.

Ronnie’s strength has been captive over the knots where he almost lost a hold of his ground. In early 2008 Ronnie was kicked out of his exband “ETF” for a framed drug addiction by his own band members. One band member Max Green who was like a brother to Ronnie also withered along with the frame in the name of betrayal. While Ronnie was on probation do to his drug abuse, he was challenged to a brawl out in Las Vegas, Nevada near a club. Ronnie accepted, shots were fired that night resulting in the death of an eighteen year old known as Michael Cook. Ronnie did not execute the teen but his friend; whom later committed suicide on the scene. Having been the only person with a lead too, Ronnie was sentenced 2 and a half years in the Nevada State Prison. While Ronnie was in prison, Ronnie composed over 200 songs in solitary confinement. Meanwhile also attending rehab to better the addiction he had grown. No matter the case Ronnie has always been able to turn the most horrific situation into a better outcome.

Falling In Reverse, the music that this band brings is innovative and relevant to the problems that we all...
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