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Studying or Social Media?

Kelsey Tunney A00355637
Savannah Mossman A00350959
November 28th, 2012
Dr. Susan Meek
Biostatistics 2308.1


This study was conducted to reveal if going to the library to study actually is beneficial as it is a social atmosphere and the distraction of social media is present. The question tested was, if students in Saint Mary's University are actually studying or are they accessing social media sites? 

Social media is a big part of life for university students and a lot of time can be wasted away just casually browsing tweets, Facebook updates and videos on YouTube. It can be easily accessed and it causes a lot of distraction when time could be spent studying. 

This test was conducted and only computer monitors were observed, as cell phones were not a part of the study. Even though texting and social media on a cell phone can be very distracting when trying to study, this study was only comparing studying and accessing social media from a computer desktop. Are there more people on social media in the atrium compared to the thirds floor library?

The hypothesis for this experiment is that students in Saint Mary's Library are on social media, not studying when in the atrium, where as on the third floor there is more studying and fewer students accessing social media sites.

Ho: Pa=Pt
Ha: Pa>Pt
Students in the atrium would be accessing social media sites instead of studying, as it is a more social atmosphere. Whereas the third floor students will be studying instead of accessing social media sites as it’s known as a good quiet place to study. 

This experiment came about when brainstorming ideas for a study that would be of interest, when social media took higher priority over brainstorming an interesting topic. From there it become an interesting topic that would provide an insight to how much social media is now being used in the average lives of students when in a library where it is thought of a place to just study.


For a random sample, there were 3 random spot checks completed, at different times and different days of the week, for each location. There were 40 subjects observed in both the atrium and the 3rd floor of the Saint Mary's Library. When observing the desk tops of random subjects in both the atrium and library it was recorded whether the subject were studying or accessing social media of the following; Facebook, twitter, hotmail or YouTube.

Once the data was collected the results from all the 3 random spot checks for each location were averaged and these means were used in a 2-sample z proportion test. As the data was quantitative and two samples were being tested the atrium and third floor.

Assumptions made about the data are, that the subjects that were accessing social media were not taking study breaks, and they were in the library for the purpose of studying and not just to be social.

Lurking variable is that the subjects could have been on social media via cell phone so they would look like they are studying via the desktop computer. Results:
Table 1: Raw Data Atrium
|Atrium |Media |Studying | |Spot Check #1 |16 |24 | |Spot Check #2 |25 |15 | |Spot Check #3 |24 |16 |

Table 2: Raw Data Third Floor
|3rd Floor Library |Media |Studying | |Spot Check #1 |11 |29 | |Spot Check #2 |6 |34 | |Spot Check #3 |10 |30 |

Table 3: Means of All Spot Checks.
| | | | |Means |Media |Studying | | |...
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