Studyguide for Apush Ch.10

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: April 11, 2013
AP Chapter 10 Study Guide

1. Why was Washington the only real choice for president in the first presidential election? How was this situation similar to the Constitutional Convention? 2. Where was he inaugurated?
3. How did Washington change the way he got advice from the heads of departments 4. Who made up Washington’s first cabinet?
5. Why was Jefferson an excellent choice for his spot?
6. What post did John Jay take up?
7. What law set up the federal court system? Describe it. 8. Describe the shaky financial situation of the new country. 9. Why did Hamilton propose the assumption of state debts? 10. How do you think the funding at par scheme of Hamilton affected government finances? 11. Why did Hamilton propose moving the capital from NY to the Chesapeake? 12. Why is Hamilton called the “father of the national debt”? Why did he consider the debt a blessing? 13. Why did Hamilton propose a tariff? (two reasons)

14. Why did Hamilton propose a Bank of the United States? Why did he think it was legal? 15. Why did Jefferson take an opposite view of the Bank of the US? 16. What was the structure and charter of the BUS like?

17. What is an excise tax?
18. Why did Pennsylvania farmers rebel over the idea?
19. What was the main result of the Whiskey Rebellion?
20. Why did permanent political parties worry Washington and the public at large? 21. How have political parties affected political life in America during our history? (specifically the two-party system) 22. What did the most conservative federalists think about the French Revolution? Why? 23. What did most Americans think about the French Revolution at the outset? 24. How did events change the perception of most Americans concerning the French Revolution? 25. How did Jefferson view the bloodshed of French Revolution? 26. Why did Washington issue his Neutrality Proclamation? What did it say? 27. How did Jeffersonians view the Neutrality...
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