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Allen Solly was founded in 1744 by a company called William Hollin and Co Ltd. The brand was purchased sometime in the 90's by a new company called Madura Garments which was a part of Madura Coats. Madura Coats was a big producer of threads. Allen Solly launched its women's wear category in 2001. Within a span of five years, the brand has emerged as a clear leader in its segment and is indeed one of the most sought after brands in the country. Allen Solly Women is targeted at the modern thinking women who have the freedom to be who they are, have people respect their desires and more importantly to be taken seriously. They extended the concept of Friday Dressing to women all over the country. Allen Solly stands for positive, non-conformists who do not allow the system to break them, but overcome barriers and emerge winners. Its positioning is driven by building high aspiration levels through its unique fashion appeal.

The company aimed to emerge as a brand which was totally new and did not stick to conventions. “Friday Dressing” was introduced to give the company a stronghold. Initially the Indian markets were not open to experimental apparel for men. Friday dressing by Allen Solly gave Indian corporate a chance to transform their wardrobes. The new formal wear was relaxed and not boring. The Aditya Birla Group took over Allen Solly in 2001. Allen Solly brings together people from different walks of life and unites them in the matters of style and attitude. The innovative garments of Allen Solly give people an identity in the work place and while chilling out.

Indian women generally wear traditional ethnics. However with the Indian society becoming more and more liberal a need arose for attire that was more work friendly then saree. Salwar Kameez was an alternative but it had to tailor as per individual’s requirements. Indian society was becoming westernized as per lifestyles, educations and vocation in urban areas. With the cultural changes in India, western wear for women had a potential. Women and kids’ market was yet to be explored fully. Indian League entered the women’s wear market followed by Raymond. Madura garment introduced Allen Solly into the Women’s wear segment. This was introduced nationwide with aggressive campaigning and advertising. The move attracted for two reasons. First, this was the first ever nationwide offer readymade western wear for women in India in large scale. Second, Madura seemed to have taken a risk by trying to extend it's hitherto exclusively for men brand Allen Solly to the women's brand.

1. Examine the circumstances that prompted Madura to launch women’s western wear in the Indian readymade women’s wear industry. Why do you think the companies primarily offered only men’s wear in the branded apparel segment in the country? What kind of cultural and social changes led to the launch of Allen Solly Women’s wear? 2. Critically analyze the product development, retailing and promotional strategies adopted for Allen Solly’s women wear. What are the essential differences between marketing readymade apparel to women in developing country? How would your answer differ if the target customer base belonged to a developed country? 3. "Madura has taken a major risk by extending a ‘pure men’s brand’ to the women’s wear segment". Comment on this statement in the light of observation that men might switch over to a pure male brand in the future. Do you think Madura’s move could erode Allen Solly’ brand equity? 4. With many players entering the women’s Western wear segment, do you think Allen Solly would be able to grow as planned ?As part of a team responsible for managing the brand ,help the company design a marketing strategy plan to attain leadership position in the women’s western wear segment.

1. Examine the circumstances that prompted Madura to launch women’s...
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