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Topics: Purified water, Construction, Project management Pages: 5 (875 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Feasibility Report
On Establishing the Water Refilling Station

Presented to the I-NET Asia Technological School, Inc. Bonifacio Street, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

In partial fulfillment of Project Management

Submitted by:
Anjelanie Tenorio
Jennyrose Equiza
Jonelyn Desimon
Emalyn Bravante

Submitted to: Mrs.Rachel Anne B. Rivera

It is a pleasure to keep this report in front of you. Project report is vitally important for I-NET ASIA students because it develops the feelings among the students about industrial environment and business to develop the practical base. Theoretical knowledge is true only when we apply the same in the practical.

In the final year I-NET Asia there is a subject named Project Management. Under the said curriculum a student has to do a detail analysis of a particular company. At the same time we must know that what are the Strengths and weakness of the company by analyzing overall organizational structure and its operations. And simultaneously analyze the opportunities and threats for establishing the Water Refilling Station.

In order to establish co-relation Between the theoretical studies and practical training, it was suggested that company should be analyze ad accordingly we had done the analysis on “WATER REFILLING STATION”.


We, the below mentioned students of the I-NET ASIA Technological School, by pay our very sincere thanks to the Mrs. Riza Reyteran for giving us the wonderful opportunity for doing a Project Management of our interest area as part of our study.

We would like to extend our sincere to thanks to the I-NET ASIA Technological School, Inc. for giving us the opportunity to increase our practical knowledge in our interest of management area.

We also thanks to Mrs. Rachel Anne b. Rivera who motivated us to undertake this project. He spent innumerable hours pursuing the first draft, suggesting many constructing and valuable modifications and critiques and there after largely contributed in editing the final draft. The contents of the report have been considerably enriched in the process. We are also thankful to all the professors of the institute for the very good support.

Chapter 1
Introduction about the concept of Water Refilling Station

a. Definition of Water Refilling Station

“A Water refilling Station is an establishment that serves purified water to be consumed to the premises”.
Water Refilling Station means they sell purified water of comparable quality with the bottled and other disposable containers in a lower price that provide delivery of purified water for immediate consumption.

In the Water Refilling Station will insure that the purification or Filtration system is in top condition and that replacements parts and Filters get replaced as specified in the manufacturer’s manual.

B. Objectives
The main goal of this feasibility study is to solve some problems of many people here in San Jose, through delivery for the Purified Water to make a...
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