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Chapter 3 Discussion Questions

Discuss the different manifestations of the Chicano Movement in terms of their similarities and differences. The differences in the manifestations of the Chicano Movement would be that each group of the movement served a different purpose and had different reasons, causes and beliefs that they all wanted. The similarities would be that they are all about Chicana//o rights and in El Teatro Campesion for example they do skits relating to some of the political issues such as The Farmworkers Union and on Chicana/o life in schools.


Sometimes the production of art is related to the artist’s political convictions. To what extent is this demonstrated by the founders of El Teatro Campesino? In El Teatro Campesino the artist’s political convictions are expressed and demonstrated in the different skits they perform to give a better understanding to the people in the community of that social movement.


How did El Teatro Campesino during its first few years differ from your understanding of

traditional theater as performed in venues such as Broadway? El Teatro Campesion differed in its first few years from Broadway in the sense that El Teatro Campesino’s skits could be performed anywhere on any stage like the back of a truck or the corner of a street unlike in Broadway where they may need their stage set up in numerous ways. They also do not use as much props as are used in Broadway.


Discuss the role of publishers and journals in advancing the goals of the Chicano Movement. The role that publishers and journals played in advancing the goals of the Chicano Movement is that they got the word out to people. They were able to get their history published through publishing houses and the journals published research findings and academic findings by Chicana/os themselves.


How were the four literary works that received the Quinto Sol Literary Award similar and different from one another? The four literary...
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