Topics: Textile, Embroidery, Culture Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Imran Rizki Dukalang
Final Project of Writing

Karawo the typical embroidery from Gorontalo
Every single province has their own characteristics and unique cultural traits either for traditional food or handicrafts. Likewise, Gorontalo province is famous by result of handicrafts karawob embroidery. This handicraft is the product processed by embroidering and the expertise is handed down from generation to generation. Kerawang handicraft is not just in demand by local residents of Gorontalo province, but also by people outside Gorontalo, so this product is one of the mainstay products of Gorontalo Province, as being able to absorb large amounts of labors and increasing the local revenue of Gorontalo Province. About 1800, embroidered fabrics karawo was found in Gorontalo in Ayula village, Tapa. In that time Tapa was still the part of Bonebolango kingdom. The word karawo derived from Gorontalo language which means embroidery by hand. Karawo embroidery is a traditional fabrics that make by handcraft. The uniqueness of the embroidered process, the beauty of the embroidered motif, makes karawo become a valuable cultural product. Therefore, no exaggeration when Kerawang named as one of the regions cultural product that also become the identity of Gorontalo. Karawo is the result of perseverance and hard work of the Kerawo craftsmen to produce a beautiful piece of embroidery. Embroider process itself is often referred to as mokarawo. Art makarawo supposedly been handed down from generation to generation since the 17th century and has survived till today. Karawo embroidery art obviously has a different technique by weaving songket or batik. Karawo’s manufacturing process is complex and unique. Pattern, design or motif embroidered first made in the block graph paper, after that cut the fabric as the base material as needed or desired. Once the fabric is prepared, the next step is to open up the threads of the fabric layers to be embroidered. Removing the...
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