Students Bad Habits

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Julian Pettus
English 1101
February 28, 2011

Students Bad Habits May Lead to an Incomplete

“The work is too hard.” Many students around the country are making this complaint about college coursework and classes in their school and end up dropping out of college. According to, 54% of college students never finish college. Why is that? Students try to make excuses for work studies, course load, long hours, cost, etc., and others may admit college isn’t for them. There are distinct differences between successful students and unsuccessful ones that fall short of completing a college degree. One difference, I find that students who are most successful in completing a college degree are dedicated. Dedication plays an important part in students’ success. This requires that they follow through even when they don’t feel like and attend all the classes. They purchase the required classroom material and school books. Also, they complete the homework assignments by their due date. Unsuccessful students have a lackluster attitude towards school. He or she fills school is boring and uninteresting. The classrooms are overcrowded, and the classroom sessions are too long. They usually miss a lot of classes or have excessive tardiness. They complain that the books are too expensive or never purchase the books at all. Another thing which leads them dropping out or failing is not completing the homework assignments or turning in many assignments late or not at all. Both students have good intentions about furthering their education but dedication and determination are key factors. Another difference is study habits of students. Good study habits are key to an individual’s success. I find that successful students schedule studying into their daily routine. This allows them to focus on school work and assignments due for class. They sometimes get involved with a study group to find encouragement as well. This group can aid in problem solving and...
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