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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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About Solar Energy
* The sun's rays, or solar energy, have been used since the beginning of time and is vital to all living things. In addition to solar energy being a constant resource, heat and electricity are other forms of energy that can be made from solar energy. The largest advantage of solar energy is that it is a free and unlimited source of energy. Solar energy is also the cleanest energy source that does not compromise or add to global warming. Technology allows solar energy to be converted into electricity through photovoltaic devices and solar thermal heat. These methods utilize the sun without generating by-products or pollution that can contribute to global warming. As more progress is made in the means to generate and store natural solar energy, the problems with greenhouse gases due to man-made emissions can be significantly reduced. Photovoltaic Energy

* Photovoltaic devices utilize the light from the sun to power calculators, watches, satellites, communications equipment and homes. Photovoltaic devices use solar cells to absorb solar particles from sunlight that contain energy. When enough solar particles, or photons, have been absorbed, electrons are released and through the process of negative and positive charges, electricity is generated. The complexity of photovoltaic systems can vary from simple, containing few solar cells, to complicated systems utilizing arrays of thousands of cells. Examples of simple usage would be that of a watch or calculator, while the more complicated applications may include powering homes, large-scale communication devices and water-treatment plants. Photovoltaic energy is clean energy and poses a minimal threat to the environment. The Importance of Solar Energy

With the impending scarcity of many valuable resources, people are now starting to consider other means or sources of energy. While there have been many studies on the viability of wind or water energy, when it comes to an easy transportable...
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