Students' Perception on Separating Class Based on Learning Style

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Students’ Perception on Separating Classes based on their Learning Styles

A Research Based Paper
Submitted to fulfill the task of English for Foreign Language study

Rahmi Safitri

1. Introduction
a. Context
There are many studies about learning style but most of them focus on the effective method to be applied in multi learning style classroom. Only few studies have been done to analyze the effectiveness of using same method to students with same learning styles in one class. One of the study on learning style was done by (Felder, 1996) stated that a mismatch between the learning styles of students and their instructor can interfere with learning and raise the discomfort level of students. While, if the learning styles of students are similar to an instructor, they may exhibit greater achievement and personal satisfaction. This finding shows how important the appropriateness of learning style between teacher and learner. In line with Felder, Reid (1995) noted that matching teaching style and learning style gives all students an equal chance in the classroom and builds student self-awareness. Learning style is one of important factor that comes from student’s motivation to increase their enthusiasm in learning process. Learning style is characteristic cognitive, affective, and psychological behaviors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how learners perceive, interact with, and respond to the learning environment. Everyone has his/her own style on learning which can also vary from one situation to another (Kanninenn, 2009). The better one is aware of his/her learning style, the better he/she can use it as a method to absorb the information in learning process and to get greater achievement and personal satisfaction. There are some methods that can be used to identify the leaning style, one of them is fingerprint test. Fingerprint test is a techniques used to analyze someone’s multiple intelligence, learning style and personality (Ayu, 2007). Regarding to the importance of learning style, this study tries to find out students’ perception when they have to be seated in the classroom which consist of people who have same learning style like them.

b. Research question
This study will investigate the following questions:
1. What are students’ perceptions on separating classes based on their learning style? 2. What are students’ problems when they have to be in the same class with people who have same learning style like them?

c. Purpose of the research
Based on the questions formulated above, the aims of the study are: 1. To investigate students’ perceptions on separating classes based on their learning style. 2. To find out students’ problems dealing with portfolio assessment in TEYL subject.

d. Clarification of terms

i. Perception
Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. According to Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary (1995), perception is the way of seeing or understanding something. It means that perception is the process of obtaining knowledge through our sense (eyes, nose, ears, skin and tongue).

ii. Students’ perception
Students’ perception is the way of students seeing and understanding the application of separating classes based on their learning styles. It is a process in which the students interpret what they have perceived and understood related to the application of separating classes based on students’ learning styles by answering the questionnaires and the interview questions.

iii. Learning Styles
Learning styles are leaners’ preferences in learning. The learners prefer intuitively some forms of information and a specific way of action over others when reaching quality learning. Some people like to read the materials and can be more easily to absorb the information through reading...
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