Student These Days Less Studying Than Eraning Money

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Young people these days are less interested in studying than in earning money.' This has been said by many people, and to a certain extent, is absolutely true. The bad thing is, people take this as bad, but this has always been the case since the invention of currency. People just see what's on the outside, and don't care to dig inside on these types of matters, thus making uneducated comments. You can't comment on a thing you haven't experienced yourself, or studied it thoroughly. So here's my account on why young people these days are interested in making money, than doing education.

The world is at an economic crisis, and it's going worse each day. What we bought for 2 bucks now costs 4. Even education costs are through the roof, after high school, and most of the people around the world can't afford to pay for their children to go to college, at least not fully. So the students themselves have to work while in college, to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. And once you get to earn money, you want more, how you get it doesn't matter when your temptation goes over your sense. So many students drop out of college, and do odd jobs to earn money. The thing they don't understand is that if they had finished their education, they could have made 5 times what they are earning now. But who's to blame?

Back in the days, colleges were affordable, and parents could have paid it all, and students only worked during summer times, just to earn some handy money, and even that was optional. Nowadays, most students work part time, unless you're filthy rich. But the students aren't to blame; it's the economy of the country or countries in question. Well now it's most of the world in the same situation. It's even harder on the international students, who are from less fortunate countries, seeking better education, and ultimately a better job than they could have in their homeland, being forced to work more than they get time to study. Eventually, they think why...
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