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The Literacy Gap

Poverty is a culture all in its own. It is also a socioeconomic class that is commonly passed down through family generations. Education is said to be the solution to poverty. Statistics have shown that children raised in poverty have lower academic scores than the more advantaged children. Studies have also linked parental expectations and thoughts regarding education a key factor in the educational development of a child. With literacy being a key component of a well-rounded education it becomes a critical component in breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

A college education statistically provides a better chance at obtaining wealth. Furthering education allows a student to obtain qualifications that will help them become more employable and assist them in building a career. The more education a person has the higher salary they make. Higher education allows a student to gain knowledge in a field that interests them. Developing a career opposed to working a job leaves a better chance of a person becoming successful in what they do.

According to statistics, poverty has a negative effect on academic scores. In the United States, public schools receive their funding based on property taxes paid by residents living in their district. It can be said that schools located in upper or middle class areas receive more money per student than schools located in a impoverish area. Having more money allows the more privileged schools to purchase up to date teaching materials and advance into technology sooner than the less fortunate schools. Schools with a tight budget are deprived of resources that aide in broadening students learning experience, developing learning strategies, and meeting different learning needs. This allows the more privileged schools to progress and develop. The less fortunate schools continue the cycle of utilizing out dated materials they have always had.

Studies have shown a positive effect on...
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