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When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success'. Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above?"

Hardworking ,without a doubt, is one of the main steps toward success,but there is some other factor that should be considered and many people ,especially successful ones,do not want to admit this factor plays an important role in their path through the top;that factor is luck.It means that success in this world isn't entirly a matter of hard work and merit,but the mysterious mystical factor known as "luck" plays an enormous role.

Many wants to beleive that we live in a world where every way through being rich,successfull and important "somebody" goes through hardworking and determination.People really don't like to acknowledge the role play by accident in their lives.As an exmple ;they say:" my hardworking gave me the qualification in school and then university and all through life".This kind of beleif is a perfect illustration of what psychologists like to call "illusion of control".People like to feel they are in control of their lives.Psychologists have shown through a number of ingeniuos experiments, in situations where both luck and skill play a role,people have a tendency to overestimate the importance of their skills.Even when they have no control over the outcomes,pepole often act as if they do,that's why people like to pick their own lottery numbers.

Furthermore;what makes luck a very essential factor in our lives is that,we don't choose our parents or social class which we born to, and luck isn't exactly evenly distributed in society.Researchers have demonstrated that those born poor have only 10% chance to win in a battle of struggling upward,while one third of those born into the top socioeconomic classes of society are able to hold on to their social class position.

To make a long story short;luck always influences our success.The importance of being in the right place at the right time,(which is a...
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