Topics: Nutrition, French fries, Food Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: February 23, 2013
American’s everywhere have been misled to believe that fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, has evolved into healthier food choices. This is the wrong truth. Fast food, forever and will always be bad for you. No matter how many different ways you slice it, fast food has saturated fat, too much sugar, or too much carbohydrates in it to be deemed as healthy.

What about Subway? Aren’t they supposed to be the healthiest of fast foods? Not even this is true. Look at all the carbohydrates that are in the bread you are consuming. If you get the processed meat on your sub, you have loads of sodium that your body does not need. Not to mention if you put mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc. on it. Loads of sodium and carbs that no one person needs for an entire day. They don’t put enough lettuce on it for it to count, and the vegetables that people do put on their subs are such as pickles, black olives, or hot peppers, that are saturated in vinegar or some other substance to help them last longer and taste different. No, not even Subway is safe from the fast food de-healthanizer.

The diets that American’s have put upon themselves are really quite interesting. I say this because there is the skip breakfast, just drink coffee, there’s the Atkins’ diet where you eat mainly vegetables and meat, then there is the vegan and vegetarian diets where there is no meat involved what so ever. Of course you always have the random diets where they say it doesn’t matter what you eat, just how much of it you eat. This is not completely true, and we all know it. Pickled pig feet is bad for you even if you eat on serving of it. The same goes for one serving of French fries or fried anything just about. American’s don’t know what the word diet means anymore, they’re inventing their own things so that they may become malnourished, skinny people. Dieting doesn’t only mean losing weight, it also means becoming healthier, which American’s seem to have lost sight of....
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