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Exercise 2: travel agency
A travel agency organizes trips. To organize a trip the following tasks are executed. • First the customer request is registered, then an employee searches for opportunities which are communicated to the customer. Then the customer is contacted to find out whether (s)he is still interested and whether more alternatives are desired. • If the customer selects a trip, then the trip is booked. In parallel (if desired) one or two types of insurance are prepared. • Two weeks before the start date the documents are sent to the customer. • It is possible that the customer cancels the trip at any time before the start date. E. Pelz M2 ISIAD MPW 1

Exercise 3 Complaints Handling (Exercise workflow process definitions) Each year travel agency Y has to process a lot of complaints (about 10.000). There is a special department for the processing of complaints (department C). There is also an internal department called logistics (department L) which takes care of the registration of incoming complaints and the archiving of processed complaints. The following procedure is used to handle these complaints. An employee of department L first registers every incoming complaint. After registration a form is sent to the customer with questions about the nature of the complaint. This is done by an employee of department C. There are two possibilities: the customer returns the form within two weeks or not. If the form is returned, it is processed automatically resulting in a report which can be used for the actual processing of the complaint. If the form is not returned on time, a time-out occurs resulting in an empty report. Note that this does not necessarily mean that the complaint is discarded. After registration, i.e., in parallel with the form handling, the preparation for the actual processing is started. First, the complaint is evaluated by a complaint manager of department C. Evaluation shows that either further processing is needed or not. Note that this decision does not depend on the form handling. If no further processing is required and the form is handled, the complaint is archived. If further processing is required, an employee of the complaints department executes the task ‘process complaint’ (this is the actual processing where certain actions are proposed if needed). For the actual processing of the complaint, the report resulting from the form handling is used. Note that the report can be empty. The result of task ´process complaint´ is checked by a complaint manager. If the result is not OK, task ´process complaint´ is executed again. This is repeated until the result is acceptable. If the result is accepted, an employee of the department C executes the proposed actions. After this the processed complaint is archived by an employee of department L. Give the process, i.e., model the workflow by making a process definition in terms of a Petri net.

E. Pelz M2 ISIAD MPW 2

Exercise 4

Insurance Company

(Exercise workflow process definitions)

Insurance company X processes claims which result from traffic accidents with cars where customers of X are involved in. Therefore, it uses the following procedure for the processing of the insurance claims. Every claim, reported by a customer, is registered by an employee of department CD (CD = Car Damages). After the registration of the claim, the insurance claim is classified by a claim handler of rank A or B within CD. There are two categories: simple and complex claims. For simple claims two tasks need to be executed: check insurance and phone garage. These tasks are independent of each other. The complex claims require three tasks to be executed: check insurance, check damage history and phone garage. These tasks need to be executed sequentially in the order specified. Both for the simple and complex claims, the tasks are done by employees of department CD. After executing the two respectively three tasks a decision is made. This decision is...
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