THANH PHAN| Instructor: Hong Ma|
October, 28th 2011| English 101C Section 7|

Topic: “After studying in the United States, there are many aspects of education that may stand out to you (classroom policies, teaching styles, admission requirements, etc.). Examine the American education system and find differences and similarities in comparison to the education system in your home country. Explain the comparison with reasons and examples from your own experiences, observations or reading.”

Similarities and differences between American and Vietnamese education system
Education plays an inevitable role in people’s lives, since it provides them with essential knowledge and skills to live and succeed in an increasingly sophisticated society. Because of its importance, the teaching and learning style has been improved over years. Due to the differences in regions, cultures, the development of education system diverges from a country to other countries. As for Vietnam and America, the education systems in the two countries share some similarities and differ from each other.

In general, education in both Vietnam and America serve for the same purposes. Both systems are aiming to universalize education, to give everyone opportunities to study. In America, the wide range of universities and colleges efficaciously offer education to everyone at any level of studies as desired. Similarly, the increasingly number of schools and universities in Vietnam has met the need for education of people. Recently, it is recorded that Vietnam has successfully universalized high school education in the whole country. In addition, another mission of the education systems in Vietnam and America is to generate qualified work force and leading intellectuals, who are competent to contribute to the development of the countries. In Vietnam, the urgent need for skilled workers has forced the government to allocate more budgets for the enhancement of the education system. Likewise, as...
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