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Sociology of Sports
Debra Harvey
SOCL 215-12104A-16
Phase 5 Individual Project
November 12, 2012
Colorado Technical University Online

Sociology of Sports
The field of sociology of sport is best defined as to observe the social phenomenon by understanding the relationship of society with sports/games. The sport/games are influence by society and culture yet the games also influence the society and culture. Scrutiny began in the late 19th century when psychologist observed the competition and the actions of the upper class, while anthropologist’s researched games and their association to human culture. Society has always had issues with power, social status, role modeling and sport symbolism. Society has watched the game little girls played in physical education become a successful professional sport. Women’s sport suffered having the financial backing needed even though they were successful. However in today’s society women’s sports are accepted and are financially and publically supported. Sociology of sports is when trained Sociologist study society’s behavior (societal factors) using acquired skills of sports (Young, 2010). Sport selection:

My sport selection is football. It is considered as the popular and valuable economic sports of today. Football attracts individuals of all ages and the players serve as role models to many individuals. It is a sport that is played by all ages from midget league to professional. I chose football because I happen to like the sport and I seem understand the game better than the other sports. Other reason I chose football is that it is the sport of the current season and it is a sport that my boyfriend really enjoys. Football increases bonds between student and coach, players and fans. It is a source of entertainment that brings fans from all over the world unifying nations (Football History 2012). Sports fit into the contemporary American life as a form on entertainment or hobby. It is the common factor among so many different backgrounds. It makes a positive impact/role to the younger generation is to stay in school and get an education. I feel it expresses that you can be who you want to be but you must first get your education.

Field Observation Description:

Steelers vs. Redskins October 28, 2012 I selected this event because I am a Steelers’ fan. I enjoy watching any game they play. My description of my field observation- It was a rainy Sunday for the matchup between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Washington Redskins. The game being played on the Steeler’s turf so the stadium was crowded with Steeler’s fans. It was a day of high hopes for both teams because neither team has been having the season of their dreams. In order for the Steelers to win they were going to have to out play and out with the Redskins Robert Griffin III. Steelers took control early in the game and they never looked back. The Pittsburg Steelers lead every quarter of the game.

Copy of finalized observation report:

Sociology of Sport- Steeler vs. Redskins
Debra Harvey
Colorado Technical University Online
October 30, 2012

Sociology of Sports- Steelers vs. Redskins
This is week three of our Sociology class. This assignment builds on our week two individual project in which we were to choose a sport that we would be building on throughout the remainder of this class. I chose football for a couple of reasons. One being that I enjoy watching football and two it is the sport of this season. For this assignment we were to observe a game of our chosen sport by attending it, watching it on television or by internet. I watched the Pittsburg Steelers and Washington Redskins game aired on television on October 28, 2012 at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

It was a rainy day for the matchup between the Steelers and the Redskins. I was a day of high hopes for both teams as neither are having the season on their dreams. Both teams wanted this win....
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