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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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EdTech TV The Wesnecan Patrol Sequence of Events

Slide 1: Countdown Slide 2: Introduction Anchor Good Evening Wesnecans, I’m JULIUS BABAW-DALOM… And welcome to THE WESNECAN PATROL: “Where Everything you can Imagine is Real”. Only here in EdTech TV Today is Tuesday, November 27, 2012 And now here are the top of the latest news for this evening… Slide 3: Pointed Sticks and Knives Reporter 1 Educational Technology is a complex concept and seems to be the phenomenon of the 21st century. But history tells us that this started during the ancient civilization when man started to use pointed sticks to inscript signs and symbols on the leaves and knives for the bark of trees. Slide 4: Preserved History Anchor In Egypt, Scribes are considered to be their Country’s Chronicle of Events Let’s find out why… Here’s CHICHARON CUNETA, live in Cairo, Egypt… CHICHARON? Reporter 2 Yes JULIUS, as of now… ---> [Interview / Question and Answer with some correspondents…] I am CHICHARON CUNETA and I am a wesnecan patroller Back to you JULIUS…

Useful information: Scribes Without the work the scribes left behind, we would find no meaning in the Rosetta Stone. The inscriptions within the temples and tombs of Egypt would be absent. Legends of the gods and goddesses would have been lost in time, and we would know very little about the ancient Egyptian way of doing things. What we know and understand about the Egyptians we owe to the diligent scribes of the ancient world. Hieroglyphics Work continues on decipherment and translation as more texts are found and understanding of the ancient Egyptian culture is expanded and enriched.

Slide 7: Greek Education Anchor In Greece, students are now using SKYPE for their long-distance Tutorial Program, That is according to a news blog of Jon Henley… But let’s look back on how technology assisted education during the ancient times. The report will be given to us by KORINA SANDWICH… KORINA? Reporter 3 In ancient Greece, the Spartan education...
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