Strictly Ballroom Essay

Topics: Gesture, Waltz, Self Pages: 4 (1551 words) Published: March 20, 2013
'To what extent does the ‘Toledo Milk Bar’ scene inform your judgment of the film as a whole in relation to the evolving nature of one’s sense of identity and belonging? In your response make detailed reference to the ‘Toledo Milk Bar’ scene and at least TWO other scenes from the film.'

The nature of one's sense of identity and belonging may be shaped by a range of factors but is predominantly influenced by family. However belonging to a family may enable but also inhibit an individual's evolving sense of identity. Baz Luhrmann's film Strictly Ballroom, explores the role of family in enabling or inhibiting the evolving sense of identity for the protagonist, Scott Hastings. In conjunction with the 'Opening Dance Sequence' and 'Pan Pacific Dance Championships' scene, through the use of juxtaposition of family and setting, the 'Toledo Milk Bar' scene significantly informs audience on the ability of family to enable or inhibit an individual's evolving sense of identity. A good into

The ability of family to inhibit one's evolving self of sense is evident throughout the film as Scott is endeavouring to break free from the restrictions of the ballroom dancing community to establish his own sense of identity. The ballroom dancing community is introduced in the 'opening dance sequence' with the traditional waltz song the Blue Danube and silhouettes of people creating the image of glamour. However, through the use of a birds-eye shot, the reality of this world is evident through the setting of the 'State Championships' in a hall and the colloquial shouting of Shirley - 'Come on number 100' which erases the idea of glamour to establish a competitive atmosphere amongst not only the dancers but the audience. From this birds-eye shot, there is also a dominance of bright and saturated colours in the costumes of the dancers, one of them being Scott Hastings in bright yellow/gold., Through his gaudy costume such as sparkles and exaggerated colours, it is evident that at...
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