Stressful Place in Hong Kong

Topics: Unemployment, Employment, Socioeconomics Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Is it hard to live in Hong Kong?

A psychologist said that stress is a joint result of weak knowledge base plus and in sufficient support. In a highly competitive society like Hong Kong, everyone must work very hard for keeping a foothold. Moreover, Hong Kong’s Gini Coefficient has consistently at the world’s top rank, which implies the city’s income gap have a great disparity, despite a high living standard. That is how the stress comes up and let us take a close look at the issues.

First of all, stress can be avoided. The inflation of Hong Kong is a very serious issue that people have to buy a more expensive goods than before by their non-change in income. We do a lot of work but we gain very few income. The minimum wages set on 28 dollars per hours can not satisfy what people need that would lead to increase their burden being more heavily. They realized that they must have to work hard for earning money to resist the inflation of their life due to our society is too much material to lure cause we want to buy more goods we like. Therefore, they are willing to keep on working even though they meet a lot of demands in their jobs.

Hong Kong students has been brain-washed from their early childhood that the only to success is to achieve excellent academic results. They were strictly monitored by their parents during school time, spending all their in attending tutorials and doing supplementary exercises. Of course, driven by personal desires for achieving success, they may also put themselves so hard in their studies, believe that their lives would be ruined without an college degree. On the other hand, the society has not offer sufficient opportunities for young people. In deed, most young people in Hong Kong work very hard but the society is too demanding. The employer want a person who have multi-skilled ,high ability to tackle the problems and high interpersonal skills to help their work but the wages are low even though they were graduate from...
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