Stress Police Personnel

Topics: Police, Stress, Psychology Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 30, 2014
According to survey distributed to staff in Montgomery County’s Police Department, approximately 95% (94.1) of female officers were affected by killing someone in the line of duty had a 90% (88.2) impact on female officers to her male counterpart at 85% (82.2). The exposure to dead and battered children impacted female officers at almost 80% (82.0) to male officers at almost 70% (73.2). Responding to a felony in progress showed female officers at 70% (73.4) while there was no affect on male officers (Pendergrass et al., 1984).

Police stress: history, contributing factors, symptoms, and interventions. Waters, J. A., Ussery, W. (2007). Police: An international Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 30 (2), 169-188. The effectiveness of individual wellness counseling on the wellness of law enforcement officers. Tanigoshi, H., Kontos, A.P., & Remley, T.P. Jr. (2008, winter). Journal of Counseling and Development, 86, 64-74. Families of officers are deeply affected by critical incident stress when they are informed of the job loss of their loved one (officer) in the line of duty (Waters and Ussery, 2007). Waters and Ussery (2007) also agree that the fluctuation of the officer’s shifts has heavy impact on the stability of the family, in addition, jeopardizes the psychological and physical health of the individual officer. Tanigoshi et al (2008) agree that approximately 88% (87%) of officers have been subjected to some type of critical incident stress (2008). Stress and coping in police officers. Aaron, J.D.K. (2000, December). Police Quarterly, 3(4), 438-450. Police administration structures, processes, and behavior. Swanson, C. R., Territo L., & Taylor, R. W. (2008). Journal of Counseling and Development, 86, 64-74. Critical incidents are severe types of crises that request immediate attention and may have a devastating mental, physical, and psychological impact on the responder (officer) and the victim if they survive (Swanson et al, 2008). According to...
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