Topics: Student, Homework help service, Causality Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Name: Manayer Al-Mohtab \ Shatha Haqi
Section: FE2
Date: 22-11-2012
Student Stress
Hook: Over 30 percent of students report feeling overwhelmed at the demands of university life, that stress isn’t limited to college student, students of all ages, in fact feel anxious about life and the future, stress effects not only the mind but also the nervous and immune systems making it harder to fight off illnesses and infections and more difficult to sleep. Main Idea: Today, we will talk about stress. Stress is the feelings of worry towards any situation in students, mothers, and teenagers life. Preview/map/outline: There are many causes of stress on students such as; how to study well for each subject, exams and presentations, and how to improve the level and realize student dreams. Body

Main Idea1: First cause is how student study well for each subject. S1: For example, which subject will they study in the begging and if he has enough time. Transition: I have told you about studying well and Shatha will tell you about exams. Main Idea2: Then, exams and presentations.

S1: It is the main cause of student stress, it makes student to feel worry. S2: It leads them to feel afraid from failing.
Transition: Now I finished from talking about exams and Manayer will talk about improving the level.

Main Idea3: Finally, improve the level and realize dreams.
S1: Improve your level makes everyone feel stressed.
S2: Student can improve by being creative and working harder and doing the home work as perfect as possible. S3: Dreams will become true when you do your best and we wish you a very good luck! Conclusion: To sum up, these are the three causes of student stress: studying well, exams and presentations, improve the level and realizing dreams. Interesting way to end: Research has shown that dark chocolate reduces stress hormones such as cortisol and others. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy our presentation. References:...
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