Strategic HR Management Case Study: HR Planning and Strategic Change for Wal-Mart

Topics: Wal-Mart, Wake Up Wal-Mart, Human resource management Pages: 21 (6477 words) Published: May 30, 2013




Bouffard, Jason
Fiel, Zachary
Kizil, Cevdet
Pimental, Kristen
Swihart, Jason

Southern New Hampshire University
Strategic Human Resource Management – Dr. Annette West
October 29, 2006

I. Abstract

II. Wal-Mart Employee Selection, Training, and Development

III. Wal-Mart Human Resources Planning

IV. Wal-Mart Performance & Compensation Management

V. Wal-Mart – Strategy & Strategic Changes

VI. Wal-Mart: A Strategic and Financial Summary

VII. Recommendations

VIII. Conclusion

IX. References

I. Abstract

The primary objective of this paper is to examine the Human Resources Planning and Strategic Change for Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer. In this context, the authors analyze the employee selection, training and development of the company as well as studying the performance & compensation management, strategy evolution and financial status of the firm. A SWOT Analysis is also included in the authors’ work in order to support their financial research of Wal-Mart.

This paper concludes with recommendations and conclusions and the article finds that the business has a huge growth potential and entry to Middle-East markets such as Israel can be taken into consideration. According to the authors, Wal-Mart has the adequate financial strength to take risks on the international markers arena. Additionally, although the company is very well known with its acquisitions strategy, joint ventures and strategic partnerships are also recommended as alternative strategies for the firm by the authors. Finally, despite some unethical issues and concerns about social responsibility, Wal-Mart still seems to be a good buy for the investors who are interested in the company’s stocks.

II. Wal-Mart Employee Selection, Training, and Development

Wal-Mart has many key factors involved that make it such a successful company. However, one element they have is one that every company has and this includes employee selection, training, and development. These three factors together create the staff that makes the customers returning time and time again. Without the selection, you wouldn’t have the training, thus, you wouldn’t have the development so all these things are needed to make a competitive staff. Employee selection is an important factor to Wal-Mart when they are hiring their staff. Diversity is the key thing they think of in hiring someone and choosing someone to join the multi-million dollar company. “Our commitment to diversity remains strong and as part of our continuing efforts to become a leader in diversity we will, continue to ensure that our hiring represents the diversity of our communities, and grow the percentage of women and minorities in our management ranks.” ( This is an interesting fact because one of the main complaints with Wal-Mart today is how they mistreat and underpay their staff. Wal-Mart also prides itself not only in diversity, but also in young employment. It seems as though they like young eager staff. “We engage in job fairs, college recruiting, and internships to increase the diversity of our candidate pool for open positions throughout the company. We have increased the company's diversity considerably through our external recruiting efforts.” ( That is a great opportunity for young job hunters to get their feet wet and experience in the business field. The next step in the employment process is the employee training and development. Training is a costly and a very time consuming process in a business. Companies like Wal-Mart pay their employees to be trained, and they pay the person who is training, this is like paying double the staff needed. When the hiring process starts and it comes time to picking out candidates,...
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