Strange Meeting

Topics: Woman, Black-and-white films, Student Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: September 2, 2012
Strange Meeting
It was mid morning when I was sitting in the park, as I looked across the way I saw an object that resembled a wallet. I walked over just to see what it was, and sure enough it was a woman’s wallet. Popping the latch open, I examined to see if there was any sort of identification that could lead to the real owner. Sure enough there was a Colorado drivers license. The wallet belonged to an eighteen year old, red haired, brown eyed, Jessica Sheldon. Jessica seemed like your average college student having her school id, multiple coffee house punch cards, and not a lot of cash in this teal blue studded wallet. She had multiple credit cards, which I could only assume were maxed out by how many receipts and loyalty cards she possessed. There was a gas card for a gas station half way across town, which suggested that she lived nowhere near this park. I couldn’t help but ask myself why she would be this far into town. Finally after searching from compartment to compartment, I found an “if found card.” I called the number listed and a polite young girl answered. She was more than thankful that her wallet had been found explaining, “Its practically my life in that thing.” We arranged to meet up the following day at the same park she left her wallet. To be completely honest I was expecting an over dressed girl, trying a little to hard. To my surprise, a girl wearing shorts and a sweatshirt approached the bench I was sitting on. She introduced her self as Jessica Sheldon and asked if I was the on who found her wallet. We engaged in some small talk and I realized that I was to quick to judge her on the contents of her wallet. I learned that this girl who I assumed was a high maintenance girl who spent too much money on use less things, was really a low-key college student studying to become a pediatric nurse. I guess the saying is true, you can never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a girl by her wallet.
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