Str 581 Wk 2 Research Proposal

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Alaska Airlines Strategic Plan
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STR 581

In preparation for a strategic plan, research will be performed on Alaska Airlines with regards to its organizational structure, culture and values. Both external and internal environmental analyses will be required and various sources will be needed to perform the analysis.

Alaska Airlines emphasizes a commitment to the community through its involvement in various charities and non-profit groups. Research into the extent of this commitment will be made utilizing a comparison between the corporations stated contributions and the statements of the beneficiaries. With regards to the company’s environmental efforts, an analysis of the published Alaska Air Group 2009 Environment Report will determine the execution of their environmental statements. The feasibility and effectiveness of their efforts will be investigated by utilizing neutral sources within the industry such as the airplane manufacturers and fuel suppliers. Also to be researched is employee culture. Alaska Airlines states as one of their major strategic goals “to build a diverse and inclusive company where everyone feels valued, committed and connected.” ("Social Responsibility", 2012). Employee satisfaction levels will be researched through various reporting agencies, such as websites that allow for anonymous employer reviews.

Environmental analysis consists of two separate components, external and internal; both of which are necessary to complete a comprehensive strategic plan. An internal analysis will examine the company’s business model to identify strengths and weaknesses. Alaska Airlines corporate website as well as the SEC website will be used to obtain any structural organizational information and their 10-K filing. The external analysis will determine how competitive the company is within their market segment. Within the US Department of Transportation (DOT) is the Research and Innovative...
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