Story Review: I'm Not Scared

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  • Published : August 13, 2012
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“I must pluck up the courage and look”. Although Michele experiences fear, he never lets his fear override his moral convictions. Discuss. In Southern Italy in 1978, Niccolo Ammaniti’s I’m Not Scared depicts a sense of Michele’s ethical struggles and steady move towards good in the face of evil. Through experiences, some people’s values through the book are disintegrated through fear, whereas others, such as Michele’s rose above it, because of his concern for others and loyalty. Michele manages to do a whole lot better in ethical terms than the adults, who, blinded by the hope of material gain, behave criminally. His choices, with exception of the ‘Judas’ secret, are the right ones. His compassion and natural sense of what is right and wrong are sure guides, despite his age, naivety and fears. Michele draws upon a naïve but heroic sense of right and wrong as he accepts responsibilities. His humanity overwhelms his fears. Fear is one of the most incapacitating and destructive emotions as I’m Not Scared demonstrates. The experience of fear and the ways in which fear can influence the characters actions are at the centre our minds. To say ‘I’m Not scared’ is to deny being afraid, but most of the novels central characters do experience fear. Traditions, circumstances and events govern the lives of both children and adults and create fears. Firstly his fear circulates around peer group isolation and anxiety. He fears losing and having to do the forfeit, but his realization that there was ‘something dirty….something nasty’ that he did not want his sister Maria to see, in Skull’s treatment of Barbara, makes him accept the forfeit in her place. Michele’s protection of his sister, though reluctant, is a moral duty he does not shrink, and is the first sign of his innate goodness. Skull’s abuse of power makes all the children live in fear. But it is how Michele’s is overridden by the morally correct thing to do in this situation even though he feared of not wanting to the...