Topics: Moringa oleifera, Cooking oil, Moringa Pages: 9 (1975 words) Published: February 11, 2013
“Oil Extracted from Moringa Oliefera Lam as an Alternative Cooking Oil”

Group 3 – II-Ageo B
Leader: Kyle Joshua Salvador
Assistant Leader: Trixia Floie Galimba
Secretary: Ingrid Justine Ponay
John Lloyd Baltazar
Marcial Alex Tristan Espino



Our country is currently facing different problems, like finding alternatives on our daily needs. One of the main problems of our country is finding an alternative source of cooking oil and as we all know, the price of commodities such as cooking oil keep on increasing every year. Because of this, we came up with this research of using malunggay as alternative vegetable cooking oil to enable people to use cheaper alternative regular vegetable cooking oil. This research will enable people to make cheaper cooking oil. In this research, Put the Moringa seeds in a small pan, and stir them, until they turn a dark brown. Crush them thoroughly, and put the crushed seeds in a pot of water, that has been brought to a boil. Boil the seeds for 3 minutes until you see the oil come to the top, and then boil them a few minutes longer. The oil will rise to the top. Carefully skim it off, let it cool, and pour into clean, glass containers. With these evidences, we will be able to create cheaper vegetable cooking oil that will be very helpful to every citizen of our country. We believe that this research will be very successful and will bring answers to our problems, economical and financial. It will also help our country to rise up from poverty.


Table of Contents

Title Page i

Abstract ii

Background of the Study 1
Statement of the Problem/Objectives 1
General Objective 1
Specific Objective 1
Hypothesis 2
Significance of the Study 2
Scope and Limitations 2
Review of Related Literature 2
Methodology 3
Results and Discussions 3
Conclusion 3
Recommendation 3
Bibliography 4

Background of the Study
Malunggay (Moringa Ofliera Lam plant is one of the most useful tropical trees found here in the Philippines. They are exceptionally good sources of pro-vitamin A, vitamins B, vitamin C, minerals (in particular iron), and the sulphur-containing amino acids methionine and cystine. In this research, we will know that malunggay is also useful as vegetable cooking oil. It is also known for its capability to absorb and retain volatile substances and is therefore valuable in the perfume industry for stabilizing scents.

Statement of the Problem/Objectives
General Objectives
This research aims to know the nutritional facts about malunggay plant and seeks the basis and other possibilities of creating malunggay cooking oil. We did this research because we want people to recognize malunggay as an alternative and cheaper source of vegetable cooking oil.

Specific Objectives
This research aims to make vegetable cooking oil much presentable and cheaper in the Philippine economy that may enable less fortunate people buy even if they are lacking financial sources. We aim to find a way to solve the problem of poverty in the Philippines by using malunggay cooking oil in a way that the citizens of our country can use to save money and have a healthy lifestyle. And this research also intends to build a stronger generation for the...
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