Storm at Sea (Poem) Essay

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Storm at Sea Essay
Storm at Sea by Amar Qamar symbolizes life’s ups and downs. The poem is written to describe a ship being thrown around at sea, and sailors battling for their lives. The sailors’ struggles are meant as a metaphor stating that life will put you through hell at times so enjoy the good times while you can. Amar’s aim in writing this poem is to communicate a message imposing that life is a rollercoaster. No matter how hard life gets a pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow- there is always something to look forward to. Every storm will eventually settle, and when it does take the benefit and enjoy it. The persona of the poem begins by feeling as though the sailors are scared as they struggle and plead for help. After being battered around and having loss of sleep. With the change of weather comes a change in emotions for “the veteran sailors know the battle is over, and they have won”. The sailors have battled through and they rejoice in happiness. The poem Storm at Sea is structured quite significantly, Amar Qamar wrote the poem in form of a ballad. Ballads typically tell stories; this is a story symbolizing a way of life. Throughout the poem several ellipses are used to add suspense to the poem, by shortened sentences. Within each stanza there is a change in events. At the start of the poem lots of chaos is going on, and by the end it becomes a calmer surrounding. The language used within the poem is put into place to add a more appealing side to the poem. In my opinion the language Qamar’s uses is both relatable and effective. The poet does this in order to attract the audience’s attention, and add more descriptive detail to the scene. Through the poets use of language the roaring seas become alive, and is described as an enemy to the sailors. Several techniques such as ellipsis’s, rhymes, and personification are used in the poem to create a more optimistic statement. All three of these techniques are used throughout the entire poem, each...
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