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Trip to the Store: Profile Essay
I am at one of the biggest super markets in Modesto, WinCo Foods. This store is one of the cleanest, organized, and best customer services I see ever since it first opened up several years ago. I go to the store twice every week. Every time I go inside, I am greeted by one of the employees standing by the sliding glass door. He smiles and says “Welcome to Winco, how is your day?” he sounds as if he’s a real good friend of mine who I known for years. Anyway, I go to buy some potatoes and eggs for dinner. I find the eggs, but couldn’t obtain the bag of potatoes because they were nowhere to be found. I ask a cashier about the potatoes and she went to check. While I am waiting, I am looking around only sighting parades of citizens walking around shopping with their kids running around playing tag. I see other employees working cash registers and helping other customers. Every employee I watch with their customers are having friendly conversations as if they were old friends catching up on things going on in their lives.

I then look over where the Leonardi’s Pizza was at, which was about 30 feet away from the exit. I’m noticing two cashiers step out from a door way in the back. One looking like she was tired and ready to go home and another looking like he was under a lot of stress. I’m wondering what was wrong with him. At that time, the lady cashier finally returned with the potatoes I had asked for and I paid for them. She smiled and said “Have a blessed day.” Unlike other stores I go to, like Wal-Mart, and Food Maxx, WinCo’s employees really care for the customer. I wasn’t ready to go back home yet so I start walking around watching everyone else do their business. I approach the pizza stand and order a slice of pizza because I was hungry. Now this cashier who took my order looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. Therefore, another cashier stepped behind the counter and took care of my pizza. Once I received my food, I...
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