Stop Transgender Discrimination!

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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La Consolacion University Philippines
(formerly University of Regina Carmeli)

Aguinaldo, Arian Leincy A.
Stop Transgender Discrimination!
Good day to all of you!
Transgender? What does it mean? Why some person discriminate and don’t accept transgender? Is transgender discrimination against the law? These are the huge question about transgender. Transgender means anyone who lives, has lived or wants to live as a member of the opposite sex to their birth gender. In the past, the common term for transgender has been transsexual. However, in general, people who are transgender prefer to use the term transgender as this is a more accurate reflection of their identity or behavior. They want to live and behave as a member of the opposite gender to their birth gender, not the opposite sexuality, sexual preference or sexual orientation. But when most of the people hear or see the transgender or transsexual they instantly start to think about funny names to call people and in general just start to mentally mock a person. Some of the person who can’t accept transgender bashed the gay or the lesbian, they hurt them physically and even emotionally. Did they know that transgender discrimination is against the law? Yes it is. You can’t discriminate or harass people just because they are transgender, or you think they are transgender or they have a relative or associate who is or you think is transgender. In the same way as with the other types of unlawful discrimination, transgender discrimination and harassment are only against the law in relation to employment, service delivery, government education, registered club membership and the provision of any type of rental or holiday accommodation. This law is defiantly on your side if you are a transgender. You cannot unjustly treated in public places, be reject for a educational or job application because you are a transgender and you are not be called demeaning and discriminatory names or have complaint made...
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