Stop Motion Animation

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Stop motion animation, as other animation techniques, has the purpose of giving life to objects (Nancy basile, 2006), the process is simple, they take a picture of the objects and then continue repositioning them continuously taking more pictures of the same objects to create a sequence of consecutive images that can give the viewer the illusion of motion. One common form for this animation is claymation. BACKROUND OF THIS TECHNIQUE

Stop motion animation has been in the film- making market much longer than I thought. At first thins technique involved animating objects which included the animated movement of any non-drawn objects such as toys or any other non-animated things. But then the animators started using clay animation, that, as I mentioned before, is one of the many forms stop motion has, but this technique is sculpted in clay or plastiline and usually the characters that are used for this kind on techniques have a wire skeleton called armature. This was a very difficult and laborious work for an animator; it could take a lot of time. Animators also experimented puppet animation, which is a more antique technique. Emile Cohl, who was a recognized French cartoonist innovated this technique of animating puppets in fantoche matches in les allumettes ainees and paper cut outs in les 12 travelux d´Hercule. (this was back in 1908) he brought stop motion to America.( urbanora in animation filmakers 2008). Another recognized work of this technique in early stages was the king kong film in 1933 by Willis o´Brien, who uses stop motion for effects in the film, this man inspired many other animators who were not even professional yet, such as Tim Burton, whom I will talk about further on.

Today, stop motion animation has gain much popularity through the years in the film-making business such as music videos, commercials, kids tv, and even films that use a lot of money for special effects. However, for others stop motion animation has lost...
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