Stop and Frisk

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Stop and Frisk
Shauna Hinchley
April 29 2013
Mr. Kagawa

Stop and Frisk
The stop and frisk is when a police officer stops a person, one he/she believes is suspicious individual, and with lawful intent, pats down in search of a hidden weapon in the suspect's clothing. It seems like a controversial law, arguable yet justifiable. How would you feel if you were stopped by a policeman? Probably scared, angry, and even confused? Of course, if you were innocent. What if you were a drug dealer, or a kidnapper? Perhaps even serial killer equipped with weaponry? To be caught before performing an illicit act based on careless movements and the lack of proper self composure, seems to be justice to me. .

(Gaines, 2012)"The precedent for the ever-elusive definition of a "reasonable" suspicion in stop-and-frisk situations was established in Terry v. Ohio (1968)" An Ohio detective by the name of McFadden, an older detective which held experience in the area, noticed two certain individuals acting peculiarly in the downtown beat. Actions such as passing by a store, peering into windows, and then repositioning to a corner of a street in discussion. Surely enough, this didn't seem that strange at the time. That is, until another man joined in the conversation, just to leave quickly. Not long after that, the three men reunited at another corner a few blocks away from their last location. With this reasonable suspicion in mind, McFadden encountered the three and asked for identification. Muttering their responses, McFadden then carried out the frisking procedure and discovered two handguns. The Supreme Court believed it was right and reasonable and McFadden won the case, with the overall fact that he did what was necessary to not only himself, but the citizens in the area.

Police do this for a myriad of reasons, one is to protect society from potential harm when suspicion rises. It is always good to prevent crime before it happens. Though it not as easy as it...
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