Stone Cold Review

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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A young homeless boy, known only as Link, recounts on how he became homeless. His father left his family for his secretary. Subsequently, Link's mother got a new boyfriend named Vince. Vince was a largely abusive boyfriend who treated Link cruelly and made Link's sister (who Link was close to), Carole, move out and live with her boyfriend after he tried to do something to her. Link; finally annoyed by Vince's treatment, eventually walks out on his family. However, he quickly found that he could not be homeless where he lived, due to the close-knit nature of his community. Once a week he would go to Carole's flat for the night, but eventually her boyfriend, Chris, tires of it. At Christmas, his mother and Carole put their money together to buy Link a sleeping bag, this gifts hurts Link, but the sleeping bag does come in handy. After a row with his family on Christmas day, Link decides to leave for London. Carole gives him some money and sees him off with his new sleeping bag.

After arriving in London, Link finds a room. Soon the landlord kicks him out before the fortnight is over and he is again homeless. Now Link cannot get a job since he has no address, and cannot get an address since he has no job. Link is very afraid and alone on the streets, but after a while he meets the streetwise Ginger, who is also homeless. Ginger teaches Link how to survive on the streets of London and points out that Link won't get any benefits because he left his old house on his own accord; he wasn't kicked out or forcefully made homeless.

Meanwhile, a man nicknamed Shelter starts a spree of murders of homeless people in London. Shelter served in the Army for twenty-nine years before recruiting homeless people from the streets and turning them into his own "army." He acts as if he is still in the army by everything he says and does, and believes the army is hatching a plan to fill up the cities with homeless people so they can undermine the city. Shelter plans very...
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