Still I Rise by Mya Angelo

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Malcolm X Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: December 2, 2012
I choose “Still I Rise”, by Mya Angelou because of the inspiration and strength that arises from it when it as it is read, which syncs with that of my own. The first time I heard it was in an assembly of minority young women during a Black History month celebration presentation. The lights were deeming as a screen of Angelou reciting her poem through a projection. It showed of a woman recalling the struggles of her ancestries, which is something I was not familiar with, these struggles. I understood it took many women to struggle for official positions in society to be recognized and offered leading jobs. So towards the end my emotions towards the film were one of self-assurance. I realized that my reason for the pride of being educated in a multicultural and coed environment was because of their demand for equality. As a child of the 21st century, I am privileged to live in a equal opportunity county, but this poem reminds me of not only the surface success of those who were before me, but of the dedication they had to achieve an accumulative goal. The lessons of my mom, grandmother, god-mother, and my friend’s mothers are tied concisely tied within this poem. The words Angelou discusses the importance of being confident in oneself no matter what the status quo may arrange them. My family and friends have inscribed in me that as a women of God, I have power, through the Holy Spirit who guides me to go beyond my personal abilities to achieve the goal God has for me. These goals will be accomplished as long as I keep my mind set on my attributes and work hard. Angelou embraced these teachings within the tone she declared to herself and her oppressors. Her tone is one that is declarative. She does not camouflage who and what she is talking about. She takes her oppressors and verbally shakes them with truth, staring them right in the face to make sure that what she is conveying is being understood and respected. Angelou has this indifference reaction towards...
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