Steroid Usage and Reverse Anorexia Nervosa Among Females

Topics: Body dysmorphic disorder, Anabolic steroid, Muscle dysmorphia Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Steroid Usage and reverse anorexia nervosa among females
When it comes to body image and disorders related to it, the first thing that comes to mind is anorexia nervosa. It’s been there since the rise of the Greek empire and lots of us can admit there was always a time that we got tempted to starve ourselves to achieve a desired figure. While anorexia can come out as the champion of eating disorders among females to reach their physical goals new studies shows that there may be a new treat surfacing that may be even more dangerous than nervosa. A new study shows that male bodybuilders aren't the only ones taking steroids to bulk up. various government and university studies have shown that up to about 5% of high school girls and 7% of middle-school girls admit trying anabolic steroids at least once, with use of rising steadily since 1991, In addition female bodybuilders also take steroids to improve their physiques, and they been taking the steroid use to steroid abuse in combination with eating disorders that is the result of a disorder called Muscle Dysmorphia or reverse anorexia nervosa. The study, one of the first to examine the issue of steroid use in women, looked at 75 female athletes who were recruited by posters at gym and bodybuilding contests in Boston, Houston, and Los Angeles. One-third of the women reported past or current steroid use. The study investigators found that women who used steroids were more muscular than their non-steroid-using counterparts and were also more likely to use other performance-enhancing substances. Studies have shown that people with body image issues or Body dysmorphic disorder, have imbalances in the way they see details verses the big picture when it comes to viewing themselves. This could very well explain why, some bodybuilders, regardless of the bodies they've worked so hard to build, will, in their minds, have so many imperfections, causing them to not be able to view the body as a whole but rather focus on...
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