Stereotypes of Women's Bodies

Topics: Feminism, Discrimination, Feminist theory Pages: 4 (1400 words) Published: December 3, 2007
Jackie Grenon
Women's Studies 187
18 November 2007
Kat Jones Friday 11:15
Feminist Activism Within Body Politics
A man walks down the street and sees a beautiful woman, what's the first thought that enters his head-sex. These types of thoughts are what feminists all over the world are trying to eliminate. Feminist activism is focused on making social change and using their power to influence others. One of their many steps is understanding women's bodies and trying to encourage men to treat women like human beings, not just personal sex objects. The NAAFA and other organizations are working hard get rid of this stereotype, and many others, to encourage women to be themselves, not what society wants them to be.

"An estimated thirty-eight million Americans are significantly heavier than average and face societal and institutional bias because of their size" ( NAAFA). The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, or NAAFA, is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 that is based on trying to better the life of fat people; it is the only organization that fights to end fat discrimination. The NAAFA believes that fat people are discriminated against, not by just peers, but by health care professionals, also. They believe that many times fat people are too ashamed to stand up fort their own rights, so they have formed this organization to relieve them of their emotions and help them fight their oppressive battle for acceptance. The goals of the NAAFA are "to provide advocacy, education, and support for people of all sizes of large" (NAAFA). Within these goals they wish to fight fat discrimination, fight social prejudice and help fat people to raise their self-esteem. I chose this organization because I also believe that fat people are severely discriminated against and that the NAAFA goes above and beyond to help them. The NAAFA has official status and is nationally recognized for it's hard work. I also chose this organization because they provide...
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