Stereotypes from Past to Present

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, African American, Black people Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Stereotypes of Past and Present
Where do the stereotypes of today come from? Are they true? One of the most harmful misconceptions is the stereotype that African-Americans are all criminals. There is another, equally harmful stereotype that black men and women are uneducated. Lastly there are many stereotypes about the diets of African-Americans. Many of these stereotypes come from the same time as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

There are often people who believe that black people are criminals, whether it is nowadays, or during the times of Huck Finn. Many times, black men will be accused of crimes without proof. This can be seen when people see Jim and think that he is a runaway slave without even talking to him in Huck Finn. Even with a “fair” trial with proof of their innocence, are still convicted, just because of their skin color. An example of this is in To Kill a Mockingbird when Atticus proves that Tom Robinson is not guilty, but Tom goes to jail anyway. In the media today they are still viewed as criminals as seen on television. But after all, “ “you can’t expect writers to think like sociologists, they aren’t out there to change the world; they are just trying to tell a good story,”” (McKee). The stereotypes of African-Americans being criminals coupled with the stereotype of them being uneducated makes for some interesting portrayals in the media and in literature.

The portrayal in Huck Finn and in our lives today is that blacks are uneducated. One reason why some people might think this is true is because they have seen blacks that are poor and cannot afford to go to college. Part of the reason that they might not have been able to get into college is because of this stereotype making them think they are stupid or having the dean think that they are stupid. There is also the pressure from people all around to act like everyone else, so if it is thought to be uneducated is to be cool, that some blacks would not get an education,...
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