Stereotypes: Black People and Guy

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Takeshi Munemura
English Foundation 8

I’ve heard many people say, ‘’that guy should be really fast since he’s black’’ or ‘’that guy must be smart since he’s Japanese. These comments come from people’s judgments, and sometimes, these facts are true.

Many people stereotype each other. Stereotype is similar to judgment. Often, many people have habits of judging other people. For example, if I see a guy with scary face, I would think ‘’this guy looks dangerous. I should stay away from him’’ but maybe, that guy is really nice to you. We just automatically judge other people by looking at them; this makes people stereotype others.

Most people stereotype other people by people’s skin color. Like I said before, many people say that ‘’Asian people are so smart’’ or ‘’the blacks are really fast at running.’’ These things are sometimes true. I think Japanese are smart, and others think so too, but its not like 100% of people in Japanese are smart. Some may be very stupid, and some person could have a problem.

The history we’ve gone through made people stereotype too. The increase of technology in each country made people stereotype. For example, in Japan, they have one of the highest technologies in the world. By knowing these facts and information, people start saying that ‘’he must be very smart, because he’s Japanese’’. Other events like the Olympics also made people stereotype. In track, many black people had won the game. This made people say ‘’ Black people are always fast.’’ Many people say that Chinese have really low technology and industries. This is a true fact. Many histories have gone through in China. In their history, one of the communist leader said ‘’the technology and industries should stay like it is now’’ in 1867. While, every other countries’ technology and industries were heavily improving. Later on, another Chinese leader said ‘‘we should be improving our technology and industries ‘’ in 1898. This is why people started...