Stereotype Paper

Topics: Basketball, Asian American, United States Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: July 17, 2011
Stereotyping has always and will always be a part of our culture, simply because we are all humans. Therefore making it human nature by instinct. The Typical stereotypes that have been said about Asian Americans are that we are hardworking, quiet, short and that we can not play sports. That we are book smart but not street smart which in turn is a result to an assumption that we can not drive.

One of the stereotypes that people have about me as an Asian is that I can not play sports. As an Asian American, I was born to motivate myself through playing sports. I excel in numerous sports such as track and field and also in basketball. During my elementary school years I was involved in track and field from which I received five gold medals. Two of my medals were from the 5,000 meter dash, two more of them were from the 4 by 400 meter dash relay and my fifth one was from the 100 meter dash. When I reached high school I decided to switch sports. It was then that basketball became my passion. After trying out for my high school team and making the cut, I was able to experience a new opportunity. The opportunity in being able to compete with other countries. My team and I were eligible to compete in the Junior Southeast Asian games. We competed with team members who came from China, Mongolia, Laos, Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam. I would play my heart out during every practice and especially every game. I was soon rewarded for my talent. I was named Best in Sports and Athlete of the Year when I graduated from high school. One of my favorite examples that came into contrast to the stereotype that Asians can not play sports is Yao Ming. Yao Ming who plays center for the Houston Rockets team is also one of the best professional basketball players in the NBA. His ability to block and shoot from the perimeter overcomes the average of a typical center players ability during a game. Yao Ming is clearly a prime example of a contrast towards this stereotype. Therefore making...
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