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Topics: Rural area, Developing country, The Nation Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: October 9, 2012
The following should be done to make INDIA to get DEVELOPED rather than DEVELOPING… 1. Every nation should have a vision statement which can stir imagination in all strategies of the nation. 2. India has the opportunity to become a leading economic nation in the next two decades, provided the people to have self-determination and self-reliance as well as ability to realize in a collective manner. 3. The strength of nation can be achieved by integrating technologies from the multi-institutions. 4. The integrated technology includes talented manpower and techno-based infrastructure. 5. India’s foreign policy should be strengthened.

6. We should focus on making constructive changes with the help of other world powers to bring about lasting changes in the society. 7. For this, our relationship with other countries should be strengthened. 8. India should emerge as a strong economic and a strong military country. 9. India lives in its rural parts.

10. So to bring about a complete change, these areas must be developed. 11. We should first provide the basic needs and should concentrate on the spread of telecommunication to the remotest parts of our country. 12. Backing infrastructure should be provided.

13. Advancement in the agricultural methods is equally important. 14. We should introduce new machine and techniques besides educating them completely about their work. 15. Improved quality of seeds, controlling measures storing and sowing techniques, all will be covered. 16. Corruption will be fought against completely.

17. We should give adequate power to the legislature and executive and see to it that they are being implemented in an honest and loyal manner. 18. Quick trials and execution will be into practice whenever necessary. 19. Machinery at the state offices must be made more accountable. 20. Development in medical facilities must be improved.

21. Technology must be introduced.
22. Along with this we should also...
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