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INDEX 1. Ultimate step by step guide in becoming a HACKER 2. Hacking for Dummies – I 3. Hacking for Dummies - II

Ultimate Step by Step guide to become a hacker
Submitted to the Hideout by IceKool Document Modified by kM June 16th, 1997 Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibilities for actions that you pose using this file. Therefore do not blame me for whatever happens. This is for informational purposes only. About the Author: My name is IceKool. I live in Va. I love to hack and I hope that this file will teach you everything that you need to know. So read it all the way through! Contents: 1.) What should I know about hacking and where can I get started? 2.) What programs will I need? 3.) I got the stuff, what now? 4.) A list of telenet numbers. 5.) I dialed it out, now what? 6.) How do NUA's work? 7.) Help with NUA's 8.) What should I do once I found a system? 9.) I'm in, now what? 10.) Cracking programs, what they do and how they work. 11.) UNIX. 12.) Password shadowing. 13.) Dialouts

14.) Scanners 15.) Brute force hacking 16.) C-script to erasing your logins 17.) Keeping yourself safe 18.) NUA's that I have found 19.) Conclusion and Hackers Manifesto

Chapter 1.) What should I know about hacking and where can I get started?

Welcome to the world of hacking. You are probably asking why you want to be a hacker right now. Well, first let me say that if you saw the movie,"Hackers" don't think that that is hacking. It would be great if they had terminals that automatically put you in a system and gave out all those cool colors and welcome screens, but it's not that way. In fact, hacking is like using DOS and C commands. So if you want to be a hacker, realize that. Don't worry, it's still really cool. But before you start, let's identify things, first off a terminal. This is what you will use to hack. Click on ,"find" on the start menu of win95. Then type in ,"Terminal". It will either give you a hyper terminal or a terminal. Both will work. I prefer the hyper terminal. Choose the regular looking icon that says,"hyperterm" if you are using the HyperTerminal after you click on its folder. If you want to use the regular terminal, choose,"terminal". Now you will need to set some things. In terminal, click on settings. Then click on communications. You will have to mess with this stuff a little bit because some systems use different paritys and databits, etc. What I use is as follows:

Baud rate: 19200 parity: odd databits: 7 flow control:Xon/Xoff For the hyper terminal, click on the HyperTerminal folder in the find files or folders thing. Choose hyperterm. Then it will ask you for a name. Call it anything you want. Now it will ask for a phone #. Don't type a phone number in, look at the bottom. It should say what type of modem you are using. Click on that and choose the com port that your modem is using. Do the settings that I listed above and hit ok. Now comes the part where you will need to use certain commands that work for both programs. It will connect to your modem and then you can tell your modem what to do. Here are the commands that you can type. By the way, put "AT" before everything except if you use "a/" or "+++". at=ok atdp(phone number)=dials out the number specified using a pulse dial up. atdt(phone number)=dials out the number specified using a tone dial up. at e0=echo off(not recommended) at e1=echo on(recomended,shows what you type in your terminal!very important) at L0=speacker volume low at L1=higher speaker volume at L2=default, medium at L3=high speaker volume at a=lets a call be connected to your computer(note! you can wait in your terminal mode and it will start saying"ring""ring""ring", type that command in and hit enter. It Will connect whatever is calling you!)

Chapter 2: What programs will I need? Well, I already mentioned about the terminal. That's your first program you should get. Now go to either of these two addresses on the web to get your hacking...
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