Steel Structure Construction

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Chapter 1:
The materials that usually used for construction such as reinforced concrete, timber, brick, and also steel. In Malaysia, the steel has been used especially for the construction of electric tower, industrial building (factory), roof truss, bridge and more. However, the usage of steel for residential is limited because their usage depends on the accompany with the other material.

Steel framed structures are designed with the connections between the separate members treated as either non-rigid or fully rigid joints. The frame consists of horizontal beams in both direction and vertical columns called stanchions, usually all standard rolled sections of various sizes, joined together by welding or by bolts with cleats to form a stiff to which the feet of the stanchions are bolted. All the steel members are commonly encased with concrete or other suitable material to which reference has already been made. The thickness depending on the degree of fire resistance required

Today, improved fabrication and erections techniques combined with the advanced analytical techniques made possible by computers have permitted the use of steel in just about any rational structural system for tall buildings.

Chapter 2:
Comparison between types of structures (Steel, in-situ, precast) STEEL| CONCRETE| PRECAST|
Strength Pre engineered steel buildings are stable, resistant and possess intensely hard material strength. The primary structural component of a steel building is steel, a metal alloy of soft iron and carbon. The carbon content in steel determines its degree of hardness or softness of the alloy. Steel is one of the most extensively used alloys that have found one more usage in the sphere of building and construction. As an alloy its profitable quality can be attributed to its tenacity, structural strength and unparalleled resistance to corrosion, rusting and other general deterioration. | Strength If we look for safety, the building core of a concrete building is very safe and offers adequate protection against impact. A concrete building can also withstand fire for a long time so basically no fireproofing is required. Concrete also offers protection against high winds and earthquakes.A construction site of steel intensive building is far cleaner than concrete intensive building. Very less chance of loose suspended particle in air if the building being built is using only steel with low concrete use.| Strength. | Aesthetic Value

There are numerous types of  Modular steel buildings that can be constructed today right from a hangar, steel barn, steel shed, to a commercial office or residential building. Thus a steel building no longer has to be a rectangular steel block.The flexibility of the metal enables it to be designed in different forms and shapes thus widening the architectural horizons concerned with Steel Buildings. With Progress in various fields of construction it is no longer necessary to compromise with the aesthetic appeal of a building. | Aesthetic Value Today's concrete technologies provide innovative solutions for architectural interest and versatility in design. New coloring admixtures provide attractive, economical alternatives to exterior finishing. And concrete is adaptable to a variety of surface treatments and shapes resulting in structures that set graciously into any environment. | Aesthetic ValueEnables it to be designed in different forms and shapes.It is normally in a same design- size, shape and space | Cost Effectiveness:

Steel being a hard and resistant metal reduces the cost of construction to a great extent. There is practically very little maintenance required for a steel building, thus the expenditure is reduced by a large proportion.Steel building construction is cheaper than that of a conventional building as it also decreases the cost spent on labor. Thus, cost-effectiveness serves an as a notable advantage. | Cost EffectivenessIf we compare the cost of...
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