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SAHS is going to change they way stay at home view their lives. It is going to add structure, excitement and a sense of accomplishment to the daily lives of stay at home mothers. SAHS is going to open up a whole new world of learning and fun for children that stay at home. A lot of women cannot stomach the idea of being a stay at home mom because they cannot stand the idea of being in the house all the time. A lot of stay at home moms tend to feel depressed and lonely due to the lack of adult interaction in their lives. A lot of moms also have a fear that their children will be behind once they begin school. However, a lot of stay at home moms feel that their children are not ready to go to preschool or daycare. SAHS is perfect for parents that want their children to experience a school-like environment and those who are not ready to send their children off to school.

Stay at home moms are always searching for something to do outside of the house that’s fun and educational for their kids, however, there is not much to choose from in most places. Kids that stay at home may tend to be more socially inclined then those who attended daycare because they do not have a lot of interaction with other children. SAHS is going to take away the boring, depressing days of having to sit in the same environment day after day stressing over finding things for their children to do. Our facilities offer moms a change of scenery and a chance to interact with other mothers while their children are learning, playing and enjoying time with other kids increasing their social skills. It is important for children to experience and develop social skills outside of their homes. A lot of a child’s early learning social skills and manners are developed in a preschool environment(

Due to the recent recession and loss of jobs there are thousands of stay at home mothers. Considering the fact that a lot of stay at home moms have worked before and established a career, their new positions as a stay at home mom is probably causes a lot of mental stress. It is hard to adjust to being in the same environmental all day long everyday once you have experienced a working life. Having a place to go where they can have adult conversations and a moment to themselves is essential to being a happy, healthy, motivated stay at home mom. SAHS is unlike any other company, the benefits we offer are exceptional and well worth the low cost. Our staff will consist of certified employees that are friendly, patient and love children and servicing our customers. SAHS will quickly become a household name be of our exceptional customer service, low cost and amazing experiences within our facilities.

Our mission is to take the pressure, stress off of stay at home moms by providing them with a safe, happy, fun educational environment for their children, and a place to recuperate and have time for themselves. SAHS strives to give stay at home mothers a healthy balance to their daily schedules. Our mission is also to help moms educate their children with our step by step age appropriate learning curriculum. This curriculum will greatly help parents whom otherwise would have no idea of where their children should be educationally. We also want to advance children’s education and social skills so that they are prepared to go to school and excel in their work and environment.

Stay at home school was developed to give mothers and in home daycare provider a fun, creative, relaxing learning environment. This environment will allow mothers to have hands on interaction in teaching their children age appropriate educational, developmental and social skills. SAHS offers supervised activities so that mom can have some down time to workout or sit in the lounge and read a good book. The primary characteristics of the SAHS are the seven zones within our facilities, four of which were designed to enhance and improve children’s educational learning skills and...
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