Statistical Reports: Commuting Inside and Outside London and Comparing Water Consumption in Two Different Countries

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The graphs below give information about commuting inside and outside London in 2009. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. | |

Source: Office for National Statistics
Commuting inside and outside London in 2009

The graphs show the time it takes employees to commute to their workplaces and the mode of transport . They use figures that are given for both inside and outside London .

For the majority of the UK , the number of commuters decreases as commuting time increases . Almost half of the commuters take less than 15 minutes to get to their place of work , while only around 3 percent spend over an hour commuting. Indeed , three quarters of commuters outside London reach work within half an hour . In London , the trend is very different . The figures show that it takes much longer to get to work . Less than half of the commuters have reached work within half an hour , with the percentage reaching work in less than fifteen minutes significantly lower than the percentage reaching work in thirty minutes . Moreover , forty percent of people spend up to an hour commuting , with an equal proportion in the 30-45 minute bracket , and the 45-60 minute bracket , and a further sixteen percent commute for over an hour – over five times the proportion outside London .

Regarding the mode of transport the car is dominant both : inside and outside London , significantly so outside London , where other modes of transport account for less than a quarter of journeys . Of the other modes of transport , walking and taking the bus are more common than cycling , taking the train and using the underground inside London . The car accounts for about one third of commuting journey . However , public transport is used for about half of the journeys , the train and underground being more popular than the bus . You should spend about 20 minutes...
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