Statement of Goal Letter

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Statement of Goal Letter

By | September 2008
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May 2, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

My objective is to pursue academic excellence from myself. With such objective, during my tenure in the University of Brownsville at Texas I will dedicate time to study on a daily basis. I understand time management is a requisite for academic excellence, and therefore, I will make it a priority. When faced with an academic challenge that I cannot subdue on my own, I will take advantage of the pillars of help that shall aid me in building toward my objective of academic excellence. I shall consult with my professors to assist in facing these challenges during their office hours. When necessary I shall visit the campus’s Learning Assistance Center to improve my knowledge and skills in the basic academic disciplines. In the future as a seasoned university student, I shall volunteer my time to assist future students. A 4.0 GPA and prestigious academic honors, such as Dean’s List and/or President’s List, are of interest to me, but I believe pursuing academic excellence shall help these fall right into place.

My initial stride toward my professional objective will be to attain a Bachelor’s degree in the science of Nursing. Once successful, I shall press on to put my acquired knowledge and skills into practice as a professional in the science of Nursing. Furthermore, it is my ultimate goal to continue my pursuit in higher education in the science of Pharmacology.

I have faith in that the university’s strict academic discipline shall steer me on a narrow path towards academic excellence. I am aware that the university has implemented the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standard and I am well aware of the academic probation I could be subject to if I were to fail to meet this standard. It is this academic discipline that shall make academic excellence a top priority as a student.

I am well aware of the high level of discipline in the Nursing program once one has been accepted into such prestigious program....

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