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Title: State Support Provision for Children
I have been asked to write a report explaining the historical development of the ECCE sector in Ireland Covering the current state provisions relating to children describing the legislation and regulations relevant to ECCE and how to use these in practise to maintain quality

* Historical development of the ECCE sector in Ireland
* Current ECCE provision by the state
* Health and welfare
* Equal Opportunity legislation
* Quality ECCE Environment Síolta

Historical developments of the ECCE sector in Ireland
Traditionally childcare was provided by the family e.g. grandparents and other family members and the provision of formal childcare places were very limited. Traditionally the mother was the homemaker while the father went out to work to provide for the family. In the past 20 years family roles have changed and childcare in Ireland has had to evolve due to the economic downturn, in the past and more recently families found it a lot harder to cope financially as there was a big demand now for affordable Childcare In 1991 the Childcare Act was introduced , this changed how childcare provision was delivered. In fact the Pre- School Childcare Regulations 1996 came from the Act. This was the first time that childcare services were inspected and regulated. In 2010 the EECE pre-school scheme was introduced the objective of the free pre-school year is to provide a free year to all children the year before they attend primary school. It was intended to provide a quality childcare curriculum to all children attending the free year. “In a ten year period the level of service provision doubled in Laois with 40 services (primarily sessional) doubling to over 80 services”. Laois County Childcare Committee figures.

Current ECCE provision by the state
In 2010 the ECCE or free pre-school scheme was introduced. This replaced the childcare supplement and it showed the Government’s commitment...
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