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Topics: Female, Gender, Male Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Age of Visitors- Gender: Between the ages 10-19, it is obvious that female prefer much more going to the cinema than males. The reason is that males are in pubescence. As their nature they have turn their energy out. Because of that they like to spend time outside rather than sitting in cinema. Females at these ages are also in pubescence, but they are more concentrated on their emotional development. So the films are helping them with that problem. When it comes to ages 20-29 and 30-39, the rate is rising at male side and in contrast felt by female side. With adolescence, the friends of males are changing. At the beginning, at pubescence, they have only male friends, but with these ages they also have female friends and even girlfriends. With the impact of them, the preferences of men are changing. With the age of 40-49 the rate is equal by male and female side. This is the turning point. Because after that, with the age 50-59 and 60+ the rate starts to fall by male side and rise by women side. Males at these ages often enjoy their retirement by sitting at home or spending time with their friends. Females at these ages are also in retirement, but they prefer doing thing that they could not do before. Film preferences-Gender: Women and men are biologically and spiritually different from each other. Men are more stable while women are more sensitive. They are various in the way they work, in the foods they eat and in the movies they prefer to watch. Even though there are some common ideas about the greatest movies of all time, generally women' tastes toward genres, story and soundtrack of a movie are much diverse from men. Women prefer romance movies while men are into action, and adventure films. Women like the passion, the emotion and the affection that the romance movies convey while men feel stronger, more energetic after seeing action movies. Men are always eager to discover new and wild experiences which happen to be the central topics of adventure movies....
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