“Start Snitching”

Topics: Crime, Communication, Police Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: May 2, 2011
I believe that people should start snitching if they want to stop living in fear in their daily lives. This issue is becoming a very serious problem, and people in general, have a strong disbelief for law enforcement. The statistics for crime rates involving murder are increasing in the U.S. Majority of these high crime rates are in low poverty areas where there are low-income citizens. This problem clarifies why snitching is essential. There are far too many of our children who are becoming victims in the crossfire of drug conflict, domestic disputes, and other various forms of crime that creates violence. Often times you hear people say, “I‘m not going to snitch because the murder might see me out there in the streets or come to my home and kill me.” I agree, to some extent, and it saddens me to say that law enforcement has done a terrible job at protecting those who come forward to tell the truth. Until we become aware of our power, we will continue to live in fear. Therefore, if we do not feel safe, it is our responsibility to communicate the message to our source of protection. We can get involved by developing a snitching program that will allow us to arrange city council meetings and town hall meetings that will implement programs to make our community become safer.

In my opinion, I agree that we all must take a stand for what is right for the next generation, because if we do not, no one else will. Many of us are aware about the things that take place in our communities. Punishing criminals by putting them in jail is supposed to serve as a deterrent for crimes being committed, meaning if you do the crime, you do the time. Thus, by not snitching, we are communicating the wrong message to our people. We are allowing them to think that what they are doing is right. We are simply saying that there is no reason to think before you act because there are no consequences, so you would not be punished. This is the number one reason why the crime rates are so...
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