Star Crosses Commentary

Topics: Love, Star-crossed, Jack DeJohnette Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Alexander Charles, what a nice name. I wonder if Mr.Charles was an English teacher? In his poem star-crossed, Charles talks about two skeletons discovered in Mantua Italy. These skeletons "linked in a lovers embrace" are the underlying theme throughout the poem. At the the beginning of the poem Charles links love to these 5000 year old lovers while at the end he links them to his age. However he incorporates a sense of bias in the poem.

"I shall grow old" age is a something that some people embrace and something that people feel haunts them."I shall die an old and decrepit romantic" In this poem it's seems that the Charles view on age is that his time is running out to find the love he so desperately desires. He appears to have a stern opinion that the type of love he seeks is for younger people. Just because of his age he feels he can not fight and or die for his love. He seems adamant to embrace the possibility that he could love in a different way. Simply by appreciating the company of his lover and dream of growing older together. Charles finds a way to connect love and age; however he does it in away that shows a disconnect between the two major ideas. He basically supports the idea that you can not be "star crossed lovers" at his age. Instead of meshing the two ideas together in such a way that states they can love and grow old together; a more positive connection between the two ideas.

In the poem Charles states that a report said that the skeletons were found in Verona, however it was later revealed that they were actually found 23 miles away in the city of Mantua. The bias in this report was intended to arouse lovers, considering it was so close to valentines day, the report would have been very popular. The report also states that the two could have been victims of sacrifice or ritual but Charles refuses to believe such heartless theories. "You can’t ruin it for me" Despite the misleading and discouraging report charles does not let's...
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