Standard Chartered Bank Ltd Financial Statement Analysis

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Standard Chartered Bank Ltd
Financial Statement Analysis
In respect of:
Prof. Muhammad Usman
Submitted By:
Abdul Qadir (021)
Amber sarfrz (051)
M.Usman (067)
Samar Rasheed (069)
Sanan Hayat (071)

Financial Management

Institute of Business Administration
University of The Punjab,Lahore


We would like to dedicate this project to our mentor and respected teacher Prof. Muhammad Usman
Whose love and support give us
the strength to work…

Average rate of lending:2
Average rate of borrowings, deposits:2
Admin cost/ deposits:2
Expense/ income:3
Return on assets:3
Return on equity:3
Infection ratio:4
Advance/ deposits:4
Other Ratios not forming Basic Banking Ratios4
Price/Earning Ratio:4
Income Statemnt5
Markup/ Return/ Interest Earned:5
Vertical Analysis:5
Change as compare to previous year:5
Markup/ Return/ Interest expensed:6
Vertical Analysis:6
Change as compare to previous year:6
Net Markup/ Interest Income:7
Provision against Non-Performing Loans:7
Recovery of amounts written off in previous years:7
Provision against diminution in value of investment:7
Bad debts written off directly:7
Net markup/ Interest income after provisions:7
Non Markup/ Interest income:8
Fee Commission and Brokerage Income:8
Dividend Income:8
Income from dealing in Foreign Currencies:8
Gain on sale of securities:8
Vertical Analysis:9
Change as compare to previous year:9
Unrealized gain/ (loss) on revaluation of investments classified as held for trading:9
Other Income:9
Total Non- Markup/ Interest Income:9
Non-Markup/ Interest Expensed:10
Administrative Expenses:10
Vertical Analysis:10
Change as compare to previous year:10
Other provisions/ assets write off:11
Other Charges:11
Profit before Taxation:11
Profit after Taxation:11
Basic/Diluted earning per share:12
Cash and balance with treasury banks12
Vertical Analysis:12
Change as compare to previous year:12
Balances with other banks:13
Vertical Analysis:13
Change as compare to previous year:13
Lending to Financial Institution:13
Vertical Analysis:14
Change as compare to previous year:14
Vertical Analysis:14
Change as compare to previous year:15
Operating Fixed Assets:15
Vertical Analysis:15
Change as compare to previous year:15
Intangible Assets:15
Deferred Tax Assets:15
Vertical Analysis:16
Change as compare to previous year:16
Bills Payable:17
Vertical Analysis:17
Change as compare to previous year:17
Deposits & other A/C:17
Vertical Analysis:17
Change as compare to previous year:18
Subordinated Loans:18
Other Liabilities:18
Vertical Analysis:18
Change as compare to previous year:19
Share Capital:19
Surplus on revaluation of assets:20
Vertical analysis Balance Sheet:20

Standard Chartered is the largest and fastest growing International Bank in Pakistan. The Bank has been operating in Pakistan since 1863 when it first established its operations in Karachi. Standard Chartered now employees over 4,000 people and has a branch network of 162 branches across 41 cities in the country. Standard Chartered’s core businesses in Pakistan are in Consumer Banking and Wholesale Banking. Standard Chartered Pakistan is the first international bank to get an Islamic Banking license and to open the first Islamic Banking branch in Pakistan and has been given credit ratings of AAA/ A1+, the highest long-term rating assigned by PACRA to any private sector commercial bank. The Bank’s efforts have been recognized by independent and credible authorities; we won "Best Foreign Commercial Bank in...
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